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Supported by big data, Talkmate simulates the process of how native speakers acquire a language,
providing a great deal of real life audio for easier understanding. Together with thousands of native pronounced audio and millions of high-quality pictures, Talkmate builds an immersive scene for learners to learn in native environment,
Immersive learning scenarios are produced for learners with millions of live native speakers and millions of high-quality, genuine photos that maximize language interaction as you would achieve ultimate lingual interaction like in native environment.

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World Atlas of Languages standard courses

In July 2016, TALKMATE and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) became partners and started cooperation on the development of the World Atlas of Languages

Dr. Indrajit Banerjee

Director Knowledge Societies Division Communication and Information Sector UNESCO

We chose Talkmate as partner not only for their platform has the most languages in the world, but also for their sense of idealism and responsibility.

Dr. Mariezla Oliveira

Director and Representative of Cluster office to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea

UNESCO has always been focusing on inherit of languages and cultures. Language is the key to understand who we are and identity ourselves. we’re so happy to cooperate with Talkmate to develop the practice, inherit and protection of languages, and make every language sound, seen, learnable and usable.

Dr. Irmgarda Kasinskaite-Buddeberg

Programme Specialist, in charge of World Atlas of Languages Knowledge Societies Division Communication and Information Sector

Talkmate is a successful example of globalization of Chinese education, and is popular among Chinese parents and children. By connecting Chinese kids with excellent native teachers in US, Talkmate provide a broader way for Chinese kids to study and grow up.

Mr. Wang Han

Famous TV host & Founder of Hsiang Accent Project Promoter of UNESCO-TALKMATE Nexus

I’m happy to work with TALKMATE on UNESCO’s World Atlas of Languages and contribute to the protection of linguistic diversity and inheritance of Chinese dialects. I hope that while learning different languages, teenagers from all over the world can experience the beauty of different cultures.

Mr. Liu Kefu

Founder and Chairman of Kerr Education

UNESCO-TALKMATE’s World Atlas of Languages makes language learning easier and more efficient. Let’s work together to train kids with global context and understand cultural diversity, giving them a brighter future.

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